The NOW Gen

The NOW Generation’s need for instant gratification is a constant in most industries. The audio entertainment industry is not the exception, and brands must keep up with everything the consumer asks. This is also required with speed. With the bigger scope of options available for audiences to choose their entertainment, brands are moving towards engaging with them meaningfully by catering to their need for more. In today’s episode, we talk with Tatiana Holifield, the Vice President of Digital Content & Audience Engagement from Sirius XM + Pandora. Her role in the audio entertainment industry has allowed her to understand what today’s generation wants, and she shares her insights on consumer engagement and their need for speed.


Tatiana Holifield


  • Tatiana’s love of storytelling led her to her current position.
  • Focusing business models on the evolution of consumer behavior.
  • Brands need to be flexible and adapt to this evolution.
  • Instant gratification is moving all industries’ engagement efforts.
  • Technology advances will continue to allow marketers to reach their audience.
  • Data is key to catering to the connection with your consumers.
  • It takes a passionate team to make it happen.


“I really love storytelling and being able to speak to all types of audiences and tell unique stories for the culture. And so that’s what led me to this role.”

“But as we think about this now generation, as you mentioned, consumer behaviors are continuing to change and evolve, and we see that being accelerated in a post pandemic landscape, right?”

“Our business model continues to evolve in this digital world where, you know, we’re really focused on the evolution of our brand and being able to super serve those audiences with the content that they love on the go anywhere and any time.”

“And so this is, you know, my definition of when we say that now generation, us as a brand, being able to adapt and be flexible to consumer behaviors and give them the content where they want.”

“I think all industries are seeing that instant gratification and need for content in real-time. So whether that is live content of our daily morning shows with our extraordinary show host on SiriusXM, or if that is podcasts or on demand content, audiences just want to consume content when and where they want it.”

“We continue to see no matter the generation, what and who, those audiences continue to want content when they want it.”

“I think all businesses are dictated by consumer demand. And so if younger generations are demanding or listening to multicultural or global content, I think brands will continue to serve into that and lean in.”

“I think as the evolution of technology continues, we as marketers will only continue to study our audiences and serve them with the content that they want.”

“I do think that influencer marketing will continue to evolve as I talked about the pandemic, during the pandemic, we saw the rise of a lot of influencers and creators who had time while they were at home to create a wide array of content.”

“Creators have a different opportunity at hand right now, and it’s less, in my opinion, about creating these stunty moments for them to go viral and instead building true long-standing brand relationships where they know their audience.”

“We’re very focused on data. And that data is listening to our audience, right? Like you mentioned before, being able to really dive into the cons, their consumption habits, and understand what’s working and what’s not.”

“And so there may be times where we are using the data that’s made available to us, such as looking at what’s trending, uh, in the news, or looking at what’s trending around a certain topic on Twitter or on Reddit or platforms like that.”

“But I think relevancy is the key there. And being able to sustain your marketing strategy with not just those trendy moments or trying to go viral or jumping on trends, but serving and having that right mix of content that it’s sustained all year round and building your cultural capital with those audiences.”

“Our core value is really to just be the number one audio service provider and being able to give our fans an opportunity to hear the stories and listen to the content that they want at all times.”

“Sirius XM and Pandora have both been leaders in this audio space of providing content for many, many years, and our audiences know that we are a trusted name of content where they can come to our brand, uh, listen to our audio and hear the voices that are reflective of them.”

“I think that we as an entity of brands will continue to leverage the insight that we have into what our audience is looking for, continue to lean into our value propositions and align our mission and DNA around the content that our audiences want.”

“It also takes an amazing team of passionate people working behind the scenes tirelessly to ensure that we are, uh, providing world-class content to all of our audiences”

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