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Do you know the similarity between marketing and racing cars? In this episode, we will talk about the importance of having a well-planned marketing strategy for your brand and how it reassembles the idea of driving a car. Kevin Shapiro, Senior Marketing VP at Coty, shares this metaphor where active brand management can grow many brands in most categories in the beauty, luxury, and lifestyle. Remember, you must always verify your competition and speed level to engage the consumers, as in a car race if you want to win.


Kevin Shapiro


  • Marketing and racing cars
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Undertand consumers and leadership
  • KPIs and how to deal with challenges


“You look at the horizon and you see that the pandemic is there, that it’s not going anywhere, and that you need to drive growth against that challenge. You have to translate that into an opportunity”

“At any point during a race, whether it’s car racing or, or bike racing or any other kind of race is, it’s so important to make sure that any point you are thinking strategically about how you position ourselves. And so for us whether it’s the Covergirl business or anything else in the portfolio, we’re always looking at KPIs at given points in time that bringing them together will help us understand, are we successful.”

“Making sure that we’re tracking with consumer sentiment is the way that we maintain leadership.”

“The business that you design or in the case of cars, the way the seat is designed is meant to protect you. We’ve built a business model that has kind of the main course that we intend to go, but also has safeguards whether it’s versus competitive pressure or other things to keep us on track.”

“I think that the maybe for some, the challenge of either marketing or the challenge of, of driving the business is that you have to be comfortable knowing that KPIs, are data that will tell you if something’s off.”

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