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The marketing industry is a moving journey where you need to learn faster to become relevant. Rahul Chowdhury tells us about rapid changes in digital marketing and understands that nothing is static. Rahul reminds us of the importance of building a great team in these NOW Gen moments, having processes, and having the agility to be able to see business along with the consumer. But do you know what agility means? It is about creating an operational model process based on data and then analytics, which converts the data into insight.


Rahul Chowdhury


  • Data driven marketing.
  • Emerging markets.
  • Nothing is static and the learning curve.
  • Converts the data into insight.
  • New consumer behavior.
  • Faster growth than ever for a brand.
  • The importance of building a great team.
  • The consumer makes very simple decisions.


“The journey was how do I jump ahead and learn where the industry is moving? How do I get to that wavelength, where I am leading along with the industry and learning faster than the industry to become more relevant.”

“The first, most important principle that we all probably agree on is there is nothing static and that the learning curve will never saturate at least in the near term. So what that means is having a team, having processes, having the agility to be able to always disrupt.”

“It also means how do consumer and business evolve, so you could have the agility and the mindset, you could have the talent, but understanding how do you see your business with, along with the consumer at 25 30 in the year 2025 in the year 2030.”

“What does it mean for agility? And the Now Generation for me in 2022 is how do I create an operating model process, which can continuously disrupt? What did we about 2021 is not going to be relevant now, what is going to be relevant also? Where do we need to double down? How, and who do I need to add to the team? What skillset am I missing?.”

“If you do not have a rich way of understanding what’s happening and that’s based on data and then analytics, which converts the data into insight. Because I have also been in conversations with a lot of people who want to move, but they have no light on where to move.”

“What is a new consumer behavior and how do we get across it, not based on what we hear, but based on actual data and how we then refine that insight into what should be a new marketing strategy.”

“If you are stiff and you don’t want to change, and you’re not flexible and adaptable, then you’re not going in the right direction.”

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