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The Hispanic community is continuously growing in all areas, including marketing. Passion, family, flavor, and joy are common qualifications of the Latino community. Our guest Stacie de Armas, Senior Vice President of the DEI and initiatives at Nielsen, and Latina herself, talked to our guest Francisco Serrano about her extensive experience with multicultural media planning, public affairs and diverse cost consumer insights, and research about Hispanic culture and communities. Also advising brands to increase and improve their marketing approach to this bracket of society. Listen to find insights and outsides from a passionate member of the Latino community with an exciting life story. It was a complete pleasure to have Stacie in our podcast, her contagious personality and knowledge will enchant you.


Stacie M. De Armas


  • The impact that DE&I has on multicultural communities.
  • Opportunity to share all that is special about communities like Hispanic, Black, AANHPI, and LGBTQ+. 
  • Others’ perception of Hispanics drives Stacie to pursue her research and analytics of this community.
  • Investing in marketing for the hispanic community.
  • Younger generations are proud of their heritage and communities.


“I’m trying to help brands understand that it’s not just placing within content. Let’s evaluate, let’s deconstruct that content and understand the attributes of content that are most meaningful in this case to Latino audiences.”

“Companies have shifted gears significantly and are … putting a focus on ensuring that they don’t just have good like talent acquisition plans, and development plans, and good VRGs for Latinos and for other identity groups, but are really putting that work into action.”

“If you’re a brand, whether you believe in diverse marketing or Latino communities or not, if you’re sitting back and you’re saying, where’s the future of my brand, where do I need to invest? What’s the next big segment? If you’re not already doing, you know, Latino marketing, first of all, goodness help you, but hopefully you are.”

“There are a lot of diverse communities in the United States. They all have tremendous value, but if you look at the growth potential, the past growth, the economic contributors for the United States, if you look at workforce contribution, there is no doubt that the Latino community is the driver. Not only of all of those, but also the driver of the evolution of American culture.”

“Younger generations are more diverse ever, and they’re more Latino than ever, certainly in the United States. And so, you know, pop culture and trends that you we’re seeing today, I would argue are largely driven by Latino youth because Latino youth make up, you know, a larger concentration of youth.”


 “Annual Nielsen Hispanic Report”

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