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The NOW Gen

Do you enjoy outdoor experiences? Having business success is like going camping. You need the right resources and the correct strategy to know where is the ideal camping site and be rewarded with a great view. Grace Guerra understands the importance of embracing something that makes a difference when working with brands. The market is changing and presents more challenges to marketers. She reminds us of the importance of designing and innovating new strategies to have more adventures.


Grace Guerra


  • Grace’s fun work experience at Disney, in the Disney College Program.
  • Enjoying her career was a must for Grace.
  • Experiencing nature and the outdoors is a big part of who she is.
  • Seasonal Brands in the NOW Gen.
  • Weather implications in the outdoor brand industry.
  • Global brands and COVID impact.
  • E-commerce is relevant in all industries.
  • Branding is about creating a story for our consumers.


“I wanted to be passionate about my work and that was something that I felt every single day.”

“I saw my career going after that it was going to be centered and focused on enjoying it and having fun and, um, you know, picking each new day and seeing what I could do with it and mold it into, into what I needed it to be, to continue, you know, the business, but as well as just personal growth for me.”

“When I’m working on branding work, it’s all about creating a story and, and helping our consumers for the brands that I work on, go on adventures.”

“E-commerce and the trends and social, like anything that has to do with web and digital is moving and changing every single day.”

“You have to listen what the other person doesn’t don’t like about you, and you’re aware and have self-awareness and be able to change because that’s, that’s the biggest selling.”

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