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The NOW Gen


Finance and Business Growth in The NOW Gen

Do you hear about the digitalization of banks? These institutions have to change and accommodate millennial needs and preferences. Rich Radice reminds us of the significance of digital transformation. If an industry does not digitally transform, it will be left behind. Rich told us why he started his business, to provide financial advice in this new digital world that requires a successful financial business adapted to the NOW Generation. Is renew or die.


Richard Radice


  • Life sciences company
  • Futurist vision
  • Digital transformation
  • Immersive experience
  • Digital ecosystem
  • Complete experience for the user
  • Digital banks
  • Encourages progress in favor of the consumer
  • Millennial needs and preferences
  • Digital evolve


“The reduction in attrition from their customers, increased savings rates, those types of metrics actually result in tangible value to the bank and obviously tangible value to the consumer.”

“It is very involved to try and accommodate millennial needs and preferences, right? They, they do represent a large portion and they are the, the market that is coming into existence that the largest group of consumers, but there is still, um, the earlier generations that have a millennial inside of them, right there, you, you will see, you know, um, consumers digitally transform themselves, um, out of, out of necessity in some cases, right.”

“Um, digital transformation is going to take hold in every industry around the world. Because if an industry does not digitally transform, it will be left behind.”

“Financial institutions, bank, and banking in particular, work together to serve the consumer.”

“When you, when you start to enjoy it and you get good at it, it becomes less about those tasks. It becomes more about the purpose. “