The Now Gen


The Landscape of Consumer Engagement with Úrsula Mejía Melgar, Marketing Director at Diageo

Discover the strategies and insights that are setting Diageo apart in creating seamless, integrated shopping journeys across social media, apps, and the web. Úrsula shares invaluable lessons on enhancing consumer engagement, leveraging technology to create personalized content, and making data-driven decisions that lead to success. Whether you’re a marketer eager to adapt to the shifting paradigms of consumer behavior or a business leader looking to stay ahead of the curve, this episode is packed with actionable intelligence aimed at defining the future of e-commerce and consumer engagement.


  • Ursula experience and career background
  • Marketing strategies for a global market
  • Engaging with a global consumer
  • Innovation and sustainability in the CPG industry
  • Brands as platforms for communication
  • Instant gratification and emerging trends in the CPG industry

Unleashing Speed: Insights from Industry Experts at CES 2024

We started the year at CES 2024 and got to talk to experts from various industries. They all agreed that the NOW generation of consumers is looking for speed. Listen to what they had to say about their experiences and the current technological advancements presented at CES 2024.


  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • AI in Action
  • Brand culture and DEI
  • Sector Trend
  • Home & Beauty
  • CPG Innovation
  • Health Technology