The NOW Gen


Empowering Innovation with Lauren Sallata, CMO of Ricoh USA

Lauren unveils how Ricoh USA is leading the charge in transforming workplaces with cutting-edge digital services, smart technologies, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Known for her visionary leadership and strategic prowess, Lauren shares invaluable insights on creating impactful marketing strategies that resonate in today’s dynamic business ecosystem.


  • Lauren’s experience and career background
  • Trends in the B2B industry
  • Brand culture and DEI
  • Supporting the People with Disabilities Community
  • Customer engagement through inclusivity
  • Technology and Innovation’s role in DEI

Unleashing Speed: Insights from Industry Experts at CES 2024

We started the year at CES 2024 and got to talk to experts from various industries. They all agreed that the NOW generation of consumers is looking for speed. Listen to what they had to say about their experiences and the current technological advancements presented at CES 2024.


  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • AI in Action
  • Brand culture and DEI
  • Sector Trend
  • Home & Beauty
  • CPG Innovation
  • Health Technology