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Video in Digital Platforms from Char Alfonzo’s Creative Perspective

In today’s age, digital platforms are one of the most used ways to consume video. This trend has pushed brand marketing to move toward becoming entertainment channels for their consumers. In this episode, the VP of Global Creative from Fresh, Char Alfonzo, talks to us about his take on digital platforms, marketing campaigns, sustainability, and customer-centric branding. His experience in the beauty industry and creative digital marketing allows him to see the consumer’s needs and figure out the best way to approach them with impactful storytelling. He also tells us about his work at Fresh and how the luxury of self-care can be a sustainable indulgence.


Char Alfonzo


  • His background in the creative industry: from marketing to the beauty industry.
  • Fresh’s sustainable indulgence.
  • The internet’s impact on the NOW Gen’s way to consume video.
  • Telling impactful stories with a 360-degree angle.
  • Instant convenience and core brand values move customers.
  • Brands are turning into entertainment platforms.


“I’m more of the creative guy. Let’s just say that. I lead the team into thinking 360. So, how do we tell beautiful stories? How do we engage with consumers? How do we tell all of the DNA of the brand? Fresh is a beautiful brand, and we have beautiful stories to tell.”

“Fresh has beautiful, sustainable efforts on not just how we extract our ingredients, but how we respectfully do it, and how we ensure that the local communities that we work with are also part of that.”

“Millennials and Gen Z are just far too smart right now. Claims and benefits are just, you know, they’re not fooled by them. They’re also predicting the information they’re going after is really where the secret sauce is.”

“Taking care of yourself, it’s now the ultimate, ultimate luxury. And it’s, you know, affordable and it’s available for everybody. So, you know, a brand like Fresh that it’s, you know, we’re a brand of indulgence, and we can take this in the two different ways. You know, it’s also the indulgence of using the product, right? And also the taking the time how we prep them as well. You know, we take time to do what we do here.”

“I mean, we live in an entertainment-first world now, and brands now are turning into entertainment platforms, you know? I think the future is gonna be kind of like that. No, I think the brands will turn into little tiny Netflix, little tiny Hulus, just kinda entertaining consumers on what their product delivers, really expanding that universe and the lifestyle that they’re trying to push.”

“This generation cares about what brands’ values are, and what their missions are, what they stand for. And we’re not shy about it. You know we don’t have to be shy about it. We should not be shy about it.”

“It’s a really interesting world. We are all the future entertainment entertainers. We are all the future influencers. We live in a world where we’re moving into micro-influencing. I don’t think we’re ready. I don’t think we’re ready to see how grandmas will be influencing us on recipes and on ingredients. The world is shifting and shifting fast.”

“Brands are relying more on content creators now to facilitate that speed that is necessary right now to be engaging with consumers constantly.”

“People also wanna see themselves; they wanna see a mirror on their mobile devices. And, you know, and the mobile devices, it’s really where 60% of consumers are interacting with their mobile platform.”

“It’s the same way that we’ve been approaching advertising for a very long time. The difference now is that the message and the visual need just to be more digestible, where people, our brains, are on overdrive.”

“So come from a place of entertainment, escapism is huge right now. People want just to get away. People just wanna a break from reality for a second.”